"3 years ago Thomas Knights had an idea - To put ginger guys in the spotlight like never seen before. To show them as desirable... as alpha males.... Sexual..... Confident.... Heroic... as the ULTIMATE MALE."
"No one had EVER done this before in the history of the world. Literally. Never. Ever."
"And so began RED HOT his longterm vision to "rebrand the ginger male stereotype".


"Guys with red hair don't have the positive role models that girls do in our culture. A male with red hair is not seen as aspirational, culturally speaking, with very few leading men, heroes, action stars or heartthrobs played by men with red hair in Hollywood or on our TV screens. Also the more laddish culture of banter - that maybe is not so prevalent in female friendship circles - creates a fear of speaking out based on the concept of 'it was just a joke'. While many people may argue calling someone a 'ginga’ or any other 'fun' words for people with red hair is just witty banter, for some of those on the receiving end, the impact to their self esteem is felt much more deeply and can have lasting, detrimental effects at school and way into their adult life. Red Hot is my response to this."
Thomas Knights
So far RED HOT has raised over twelve thousand pounds for Anti- Bullying charities.
This was a project that had caught the world's attention. And things were beginning to change on a social level. People were talking about the #REDHOT movement. People were beginning to look at ginger guys in a different light.


"Thomas Knights began his career as a music producer and performer and quickly realised he also had a talent behind the camera. Inspired by underground visionaries like James Bidgood and Pierre & Gilles, and the greats, like Helmut Newton, Richard Avedon, Guy Bourdin and David LaChapelle, he has a dark, cinematic yet ‘pop’ approach to photography, film and music.
His many music videos for the likes of Marina And The Diamonds, Willy Moon, Karin Park and Maya Jane Coles have amassed millions of views online, and his photography has been featured in Marie Claire, InStyle, Dazed And Confused and Vogue Italia."
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